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Ski Holidays

Snow Mountains for Ski Holidays

Ski holidays provide the perfect balance between activity, relaxation, great views and social fun. As the winter months start to come around, those who are in the know start to think about the excitement of ski season. Whether you are targeting some of the glistening pistes of Europe or want to venture a bit further afield to the USA or Canada, we have you covered.

How much does a ski holiday cost?

As is the case with most holidays, the price of a ski holiday can depend on a few different factors. Some of those include where your ski holiday is, the amount of ski/lift passes that you plan on using and any other activities that you might want to take part in outside of the slopes.

Ski holidays can be quite cheap if you are only looking to ski on a couple of slopes and are happy to cater for yourself wherever you are staying. However, as the number of slopes increases and if you want to take advantage of all of the apres ski opportunities, then the price will also increase. The cost of living in each particular region should also be factored in. For example, food and drink costs in Bulgaria are usually lower than they are in France. It all just depends on where you want to be and how much extra expenditure you are willing to account for.

We do highly recommend resorts which offer a comprehensive range of activities away from the slopes if you are travelling with smaller children or those who aren’t as keen on skiing. If you can't afford to pay the cost upfront, as long as you book your ski holiday early enough, you can spread the cost of the deal with a low deposit.

Where are the cheapest and most expensive ski holiday destinations?

Whether you are looking for the cheapest possible skiing getaway right now or are curious about where the more upmarket resorts are, we have you covered. Bulgaria and Andorra both offer extremely good value for money ski holidays and are now very reputable with those that are looking for a fantastic time at a fraction of the price. Some of the more expensive resorts include those around the Alps in France and Switzerland. These are still magnificent places to visit and often have plenty to do away from the slopes too. They will, however, set you back a little bit further though.